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July 2014 Joplin UFO Sighting and close encounter with three witnesses:  PRESS_RELEASE_JOPLIN.docx
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Check the March 2015 issue of the MUFON Journal for an article on the Joplin Close Encounter (Get the Journal at www.mufon.com)
Animal Mutilation Division: Chuck Zukowsi has been appointed the Deputy Director of Animal Mutilations for International MUFON.  Missouri MUFON has been working on several animal mutilation cases and has started to keep records of these events.  If you know of any cases that should be reported please send an e-mail to momufon@missourimufon.orgSee the latest reports at www.animuteinv.blogspot.com.  Also look up "animal mutilation missouri" on YouTube to see video of cases handled by local investigators and TV reports. Missouri MUFON is working closely with Chuck on local cases. 

Visit www.mufon.com to see the latest 20 reports from around the world

Filer's Files report on the unexplained multi-colored lights in Missouri

See the October, 2012 issue of the MUFON Journal for two articles by Missouri MUFON ASD Margie Kay

Pilot reports UFO on approach to KCI Airport July 30, 2012

July 1, 2012:  Multiple Missouri Witnesses Describe Large Black Triangle
This is a sighting report by ASD Margie Kay and 16 other witnesses on July 1, 2012 in Independence, MO

Above: Drawing of back and side of an object in Independence Missouri in July 4.  See the August newsletter for more info on this story.

Above: Photo of object in Lebanon Missouri.  This is a still photo off of the video above.  Story to come soon.


Article and videos: http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net/2011/10/ufo-activity-over-missouri-october-2011.html

Flood of UFO reports from Kansas City and list of reports: http://www.realufos.net/2011/10/further-footage-of-that-ufo-over-ufo.html

UFO Sightings in Missouri http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2011/10/07/UFO-sightings-reported-in-Missouri/UPI-53631318002254/

What in the World is Going on? http://www.educatinghumanity.com/2011/10/ufos-in-kansas-city-what-in-world-is.html



Press release: August 2012 UFO Reported by Pilot

Press release: July, 2012 UFO Sightings on the Rise in Missouri - 61 Reports in July

Press release: May 2012 Update on UFO Sightings in the K.C. area

Press release: November 2011 UFO Flap

Article: October UFO Flap in Kansas City a Puzzle


Visit our Newsletter page for more information on UFO sightings in Missouri

                                                  Above: Coverage of Mass sightings in Blue Springs and Independence, Missouri


What Happened this July 4th Weekend 2011


 UFO Reports Heating up in Kansas City Area

 Sphere UFO Reported by Three Witnesses in Two States

Military Jets Spotted Searching for Sphere UFO over Kansas City Kansas

Multiple UFO Sightings in Northwest Missouri Spark MUFON Investigations

 Mutual UFO Network Whats Happening Near Me

 Press Releases: Warrensburg Daily Star Journal Article: June 28, 2010 on sightings in Warrensburg

T.V. Coverage: Link to Fox 4 interview with Tess Koppelman June 12, 2009:


Link to Chanel 9 Interview June 11, 2009:
Article: http://www.kmbc.com/news/19731234/detail.html

 July, 2010: Strange Butler, MO Case

 Press Release: Midwest UFO Conference August 14-15 2010

 June 12, 2009 Press Release: UFO Sightings in Northwest Missouri spark investigations

 June 12, 2009 Press Release: MOU Conference in Kansas City

 April 4, 2009 Press Release: New Kansas City Section Director

 April 4, 2009 Press Release: Missouri MUFON UFO Group Gets New State Director

 Members of the Media may attend meetings with prior notice.  No cameras or filming without prior permission.
Please contact the State Director or one of the Section Directors first.  See the contact page for more information.
A Media Kit will be mailed to you.


This is a new section of our website.  If you have an historic UFO sighting to report please contact Margie Kay at margiekay06@yahoo.com.

The 1941 crash in Cape Gerardeau, Missouri:

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